Frequently Asked Questions

What is Addiction?
Addiction is an illness that makes substance abusers feel such a strong urge to take illegal substances, although they know it is causing harm.

How can I tell if I am really an addict?
Consult a certified substance abuse professional. To start, you can take this quick quiz from the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc.: Click Here!

How does A.S.A.P. Help?
As a New Jersey licensed treatment program, we provide individual and group counseling, education, support, and introductions to other recovery programs.

Why is our Program a Success?
An important part of our success is an excellent recidivism rate, which is substantially lower than the national average. We are always available to assist any person who has been in the A.S.A.P. program any time, and no matter how long they ago they went through our program.